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About Us

Óleo Olivia

Óleo Olivia is a small family run company providing you with high quality organic extra virgin olive oil straight from the farm without any intermediaries. We are small scale producers with a centenary olive grove of Manzanilla Cacereña olive trees in the Trujillo area of Extremadura, Spain.

By buying our oil you are helping to support sustainable and regenerative agriculture which respects the surrounding environment and promotes biodiversity

The idea behind Óleo Olivia grew from a necessity to find a way to protect a traditional olive grove and the environment and ecosystem which it creates, whilst making it economically sustainable. Although beautiful, ancient olive groves can't keep up with the production levels of super intensive irrigated plantations and the level of mechanisation used to farm them, and many are left abandoned, despite the fact that the type of oil produced is very different and has a much lower environmental impact.


Our olives are harvested early, as soon as they are ripe using manual collection methods, during the daytime, with minimal disruption to any wildlife. The oil is cold-pressed, locally the same day the olives are collected to achieve the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. Óleo Olivia is bottled directly after pressing in small batches, which helps to prevent oxidation and maintain its nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

We bottle a limited amount of Óleo Olivia each year depending on the harvest.



Sustainability is extremely important to us at Óleo Olivia. We are organic certified and in addition use sustainable agriculture to manage our olive groves. The sustainable and regenerative farming practices we use include leaving soil covered year round, allowing wild flowers to develop and go to seed to help feed pollinators, low density conservation grazing which also provides the soil with nutrients and allowing areas of shrubs and trees to grow in the olive grove providing shelter for wild animals and birds.

oleo olivia aceite de oliva virgen extra aove diseño branding packaging veralidad studio d

Packaging and design

Our packaging has been designed and chosen especially to be in line with our values, and have the lowest environmental impact possible. We have chosen a metal bottle which has been shown to be excellent at preserving the properties of extra virgin olive oil as it completely protects the olive oil from sunlight which can degrade it, as well as being fully recyclable and light weight which reduces environmental impact of transport.


Óleo Olivia is proud to have been awarded a Selección Anuaria 2021 prize for best product logotype as well as being awarded a bronze design award at the Pentawards 2022 in the sustainable food packaging category. 

Branding and packaging was designed by Verónica Ruiz Vicente from Veralidad Studio with 3D product visualisations by Amaia Elu.

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