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Sustainable production which respects
the environment.


About us

Óleo Olivia is a small family run company providing you with high quality organic extra virgin olive oil straight from the farm without any intermediaries. We are small scale producers with a centenary olive grove of Manzanilla Cacereña olive trees in the Trujillo area of Extremadura, Spain.

By buying our oil you are helping to support sustainable and regenerative agriculture which respects the surrounding environment and promotes biodiversity more

More than just organic

Óleo Olivia has achieved organic certification in 2022, however we believe that by also using regenerative farming practices we can go one step further and be truly sustainable. Regenerative farming isn't just a certification, it's about looking after the land and soil in the long term, creating a system which can be maintained and is sustainable, and helping the environment. In order to do this we use practices which help restore the soil, minimise artificial inputs and increase biodiversity


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